Inner Wisdom, Sweat lodge retreat - Hungary

8th – 11 September, 2023 

Location: Zebegeny, Hungary at Sun Farm Spiritual Centre 

Sweat Lodge – ​​Sweat lodges are heated dome-shaped structures used by Indigenous people during certain purification rites and as a way to promote healthy living. The intense heat generated — often by steam created from pouring water onto heated rocks — is meant to encourage a sweating out of toxins and negative energy that create disorder and imbalance in life. In this way, the sweat lodge ceremony cleanses the body, mind and soul. the sweat lodge is a sacred place, likened to the womb of Mother Earth. 

We invite you to take a break and to join us at this incredible and tranquil retreat spot located 1h away from Budapest, in the stunning region of Zebegeny. It is located in a 1 hectare forest, in Börzsöny, in the neighbourhood of Zebegény, in a true natural environment, in the Danube-Ipoly National Park. It is the westernmost member of the North Hungarian Mountains, which belongs to the Inner Western Carpathians, its highest peak is 938m. 

Cleanse and reconnect to your body, your essence and nature. We often live outside of our bodies, we even live outside of our own lives so these few days are all about cultivating a deeper sense of awareness, stop thinking about what you might still need and start appreciating the things you already have. 

We invite you to cleanse and rebirth with.

Expect a transformational weekend away, plenty of time in nature, meaningful conversations and exceptional time together with likeminded people.

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