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More About Me

Hi, I’m Agnes 

For as long as I remember, I’ve been curious about the meaning of life, and finding happiness. I wanted to know what exactly makes people genuinely happy?

Why do some people struggle while others seem to have it all figured out? 

I kept searching through self-development courses, books, workshops and through my own life experiences. I was extremely spiritually sensitive.

Growing up in a so-called “broken family”, being sexually abused, being through heartbreaks and beautiful love stories made me continue to go deeper and deeper in my search for happiness. 

I always believed in the invisible sources, energy fields, angels, spirit animals, self healing and the strong human connections. 

But when my Father passed away before I turned 20, and another person who was very dear to my heart, made me question everything that I had learnt and discovered up until that point. I knew that the unseen World exists, but I had so many questions with no answers. 

I felt lost, confused and so empty for months or even longer. I went through anxiety and depression when I experienced how my emotions and feelings affect my physical health. I was prescribed medication that didn’t feel right so I chose self-help, and cured my eczema within two months. That helped me develop self trust and strengthen the connection with my body, mind and spirit. 

My biggest realisation was that I could not only heal myself but probably help others, not just the ones who are going through suffering but the ones who want a better life and live happier, and connect deeper to themselves and others. 

I continued my education about meditation, breath-work and energy work. All that few years later led me to do my first Yoga Teacher Training course where I could deepen my practice, learnt new skills and I was ready to combine all my knowledge together to use it for one goal: help others heal and open their heart to life, to happiness regardless of what they have been going through before. 

And finally I consciously began to receive spiritual guidance from the Universe, was able to connect to my Father again, and stepped into the power of manifestation. 

Facing the Challenges

My goal

I am here to serve, to help others heal from trauma and help them open their heart – that’s where healing begins. 

“You keep breaking your heart until it opens.”

From my heart to yours, 


Client reviews

Here is some feedback from my previous clients


A truly beautiful soul ❤ Agnes is a great listener and is in tune with any energy surrounding the room. So she really provides meditations/yoga according to what you really need! Amazing sessions and perfect voice for meditation/guidance hehe


I had the opportunity to attend one of her classes and it was very rewarding, her way very professional and at the same time simple to understand and follow, Agnes knows how to transmit with heart and commitment! 100% recommended!


I always love Agnes’ weekly healing meditation sessions. I can instantly relax and follow her guidance. I did an inner child meditation with her and it was super powerful, I’ve managed to work on my childhood traumas. I’d highly recommend her to anyone 🥰”

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