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SAMSARA MEDITATION RETREAT - with the World’s Largest Tibetan Bowl

19-22nd July | 2024

Location: Garab, Hungary

When you breathe you become stronger 🧘‍♂️🙏🏼
This is a True Treat to Yourself!
with the World’s largest Singing bowl
The Mahaya Buddhist Church Memorial Garden and Meditation Center await those who are interested in sound bath healing and meditation, regardless of worldview and religious affiliation.
You can lie inside the large sound bowl so you can feel the vibration with your entire body. The meditation room is at the top of the hill with a stunning view.
Have you ever been inside a Tibetan bowl?
SAMSARA is currently the world’s largest sound bowl. It weighs over 2.5 tonnes and is 233 cm in diameter. Its grand size allows for people to sit or lie inside the bowl, letting its deep sounds penetrate our cells thoroughly, leading to a more amplified healing experience.
At this long weekend apart from the amazing experience in the largest Tibetan bowl,
we’ll learn and practice tools of:
somatic alignment
mindset resetting
breath work
movement and tapping
It’s a complete digital detox in the beautiful forest, we’ll be staying in the Buddhist Garden surrounded by nature.
We’ll talk about the four stages of a meditation practice: intimacy – peaceful mirror – surrender – and manifestation.
*When you breathe, you come back stronger*
After the retreat you’ll take away practical tools that can be incorporated into your every day life, reducing the need for external assistance in managing stress, maintaining work-life balance, improving communication both personally and professionally, and nurturing relationships.
What’s included:
*3 nights accommodation in en-suite shared rooms (2 people)
*Vegan and vegetarian full board
*Budapest airport transfer to the forest
*SAMSARA session 
*Meditation, sound healing, somatic alignment sessions, mindfulness, embodiment, mindset resetting, breath work
movement and tapping
*restoring harmony and balance within


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